GMHR WR Keno Creek's KC and S Bullet X WR Washita's Root'n Toot'n Tina  
Whelped August 8, 2000 

							NFC/AFC San Joaquin Honcho
                                                AFC Westwind's Pedro
   							Big Oaks Super Kate
                         FC-AFC-GMHR-WR Cedar Valley's Hi-Bird Turk
							FC/AFC Rascal's Medicine Man
                                                GMHR-WR Mississippi Molly
							Candlewood's Mariah
            GMHR-WR MoonRiver's K.C. Desperado
							FC/AFC Machipongo's W.A. Nappy
                                                FC-AFC Stone's Throw Marion's Choice
							FC/AFC Ruby Duby Ducksoup
                            MHR-WR Moon River's Cash Kate's Choice
							NAFC/FC River Oaks Rascal
                                                AFC Blackgold's Candlewood Kate
							FC/AFC Candlewood's Nellie B Good

GMHR WR Keno Creek's KC and S Bullet (Whelped July 1, 1996, YLW, OFA, CERF)
							FC/AFC Itchin' To Go
                                                FC-AFC Wilderness Harley To Go
							AFC Black Golds Candlewood Kate
                            Candlewoods Bullwhip
							AFC WestwindsPedro
                                               Candlewood Sar'n Dippity
							Rika of Ox Yoke
            GMHR-WR Keno Creek's Diamond R Sara
							FC/AFC PP's Lucky's Super Toby
                                               Diamond R Big Bad Dan JH
							Van Lee's Manifest Destiny JH
                            Diamond R Trojan Horse
							FC/AFC Aces High III
                                               Lizzy of Aces High
							Diamond R Sexy Sophia JH
"Thunder" - Whelped August 8, 2000

							FC/AFC Hiwood Clincher
                                                AFC Hiwood Apache
   							Beaver Creek's Tara Raging
                            Histyle Apache Warrier SH
							FC/AFC MHR Westwind's Bold Tiger
                                                Westwind's Bright Star II
							Westwind's Jill of Oak Hill
            Drescher's Histyle Jake
							NAFC/FC/CNFC/CAFC Piper's Pacer
                                                FC/AFC Hiwood Clincher
							All Star's Jumping Joy
                            Valhalla's KD
							FC World Famous Lil' Abner
                                                Sonnentag's Super Sprite
							Windhill Super Breezy

WR Washita's Root'n Toot'n Tina (Whelped Nov 17, 1997, YLW, OFA Good, CERF)
							FC/AFC Lakeridge's Charlemagne
                                                FC/AFC Candlewood's MD Houston
							AFC Black Golds Candlewood Kate
                            FC/AFC Candlewoods Captain Kid
							FC/AFC Waluke Moonshine
                                               Candlewood's Second Hand Rose
							FC/AFC Candlewood's Nellie-B-Good
            Dreschers Tequila Sunrise
							FC Great Horn Moose
                                               Tzar of Moose Horn
							Kidd's Misty Chancy of Magnum
                            Grand Dutchess of Moose Horn
							Magnum Cord's Comeback Kidd
                                               Drummond's Teepee Mitz
							Kenwood's Super Hope


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